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Let’s open doors . . . together


It could be any door, really.

The door to a first home. A bigger home. A retirement home. A vacation home. An investment property.

We help open doors to exciting futures. Become a referral partner, and let’s open doors …together.

As a partner, you’ll receive:

  • Timely updates on lead conversions
  • Status updates on loans in process
  • Business building content that is RESPA-compliant
  • Co-branded marketing opportunities

Together, we can help open more doors for more families. Let’s discuss the possibilities. Give us a call today. Below are some of our current partners that work hand-in-hand with Hallmark Home Mortgage to bring the dreams of homeownership to our clients.

Hallmark Insurance

Hallmark_InsuranceYour home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. It’s important to have adequate insurance coverage for that investment, along with complete protection for you, your family, your vehicles and other valuables. Hallmark Insurance can provide the solutions you need.

Insurance email-

Account representatives with Wise Insurance Group

Ronald Wise –

Michelle Widenhoefer –





USA Appraisal Solutions



Commitment to Quality

USA Appraisal Solutions is committed to being a partner in your success. We understand the needs of the real estate industry and only work with experienced appraisers who share our uncompromising standards for accuracy and client service. Our solution is built on the following premises:

  • Timely communication – We promise to keep you updated regardless of circumstance
  • Accurate and compliant appraisal reports
  • Reasonable and accurate report turn-around times
  • Seamless and effective infrastructure for all underwriting condition requests
  • Comprehensive support and mediation for all appraisal questions or issues



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